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All of our students wear the Academy uniform to reflect a sense of belonging to the Academy community. Our aim is to encourage the highest standards in all that we do as an Academy and this includes our expectations of students’ uniforms. Students should look smart at all times and are expected to wear their uniform with pride, acknowledging that when they are wearing the Academy uniform, they are representing Parkwood.

Having consulted with students, we decided on smart ‘office style’ wear. The uniform is compulsory and comprises the following items for all students;

Parkwood School Uniform

  • Grey blazer with Academy logo
  • Grey v-necked jumper (sleeveless or long sleeved) with teal trim (optional)
  • Teal and black tie
  • Black or charcoal (dark) grey trousers or knee length skirt
  • White shirt
  • Plain black shoes and NOT black trainers (no motifs or logos)

The Academy blazer is a compulsory part of the uniform and must be worn on and around the Academy unless students are given permission by a member of staff to remove it. Jumpers are optional.
Shalwar and kameez are acceptable if they are grey and the Academy blazer is worn over the top.
Headscarves are allowed if they are grey, teal, white or black.

The following jewellery is allowed – a wrist watch and one small, plain sleeper/stud earring per ear. No facial piercings or tattoos are allowed.

Makeup and hair colour should be natural looking. Students may not have their heads shaved with any designs, badges, waves or emblems. 

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