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Y7 Students Enjoy an Animal Magic Adventure (45 images)

Our Year 7 students enjoyed the “best day at school – ever!” The new Parkwooders got to meet a range of creatures, including safe mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and mini-beasts as part of their introduction to the Parkwood Experience! Check out the photos from today’s animal magic adventures…

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Parkwood Academy Achieves Remarkable GCSE Results! (24 images)

Parkwood E-ACT Academy is celebrating another year of successful GCSE results. Not only has value-added progress continued to soar across the board, but this year Parkwood has notched outstanding results for attainment, with a superb 67% of students in Chemistry and 58% of students in Biology and Physics achieving A*-A grades. Other subjects, including PE, Maths, RE and Electronic Products also saw a remarkable increase in the number of students achieving the very top grades with 23%, 14%, 13% and 15% of students in respective subjects achieving the highest grades possible.

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Athletics Track and Field League (12 images)

A huge well done to the 53 boys and girls who also represented Parkwood Academy in the athletics track and field league!

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Speak Out Competition 2017 (9 images)

Parkwood students were crowned winners of Irwin's Mitchell's IM Efficient Award today, having taking part in this year's Speak Out Competition! The event, held at the University of Sheffield's Business Management School, saw two Parkwood teams compete against other young people from Chaucer, Fir Vale and Sheffield Park Academy in a presentation task which asked them to determine what the future of legal advice looked like within their respective communities.

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KS4 History visit to Imperial War Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum April 2017 (52 images)

War and Peace, Pacifism and peaceful protest in the IWM Linked directly to the Specification and course they are studying

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British Values and Citizenship (17 images)

At Parkwood Academy, we are dedicated to promoting values which ensure that our students develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility. We prepare our students for life in Modern Britain by developing an understanding of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. These values underpin the work we do and are promoted at various times throughout the academy year, extending beyond the classroom with a wide range of visits and experiences.

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Rewards Assemblies (106 images)

Every half term, Parkwood recognises the outstanding attainment, effort and progress of its students with a special rewards assembly. Parents/Carers of award winners are invited to attend the ceremony as well as inspirational special guests. Previous VIPs include Gill Furniss MP, labour Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough as well Lord Mayor of Sheffield, Cllr Denise Fox!

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Tate Liverpool Trip 2016 (30 images)

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NEC 2016 (5 images)

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South Yorkshire Police Inspiring Youth Awards (4 images)

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Why Parkwood? (6 images)

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Skills Show @ NEC Birmingham (18 images)

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Academy Awards Evening 2015 (336 images)

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Globalisation Trip Day 2a (9 images)

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Globalisation Trip Day 2 (5 images)

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AMP AWARDS (16 images)

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Reveal Campaign At Parkwood (14 images)

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Reading Matters at Parkwood (8 images)

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Community Cohesion Event 2014 (2 images)

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Smoke Free (48 images)

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Open Day Sept 2014 (25 images)

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Carillion @ Parkwood (12 images)

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Y10 Discover US Programme (12 images)

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Alton Towers (9 images)

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MFL @ University Of Sheffield (15 images)

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Media Museum (24 images)

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Y10 Controlled Assesment Afternoon Tea (8 images)

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Sports Day 2014 (40 images)

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HSBC (3 images)

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In The Name of Art (8 images)

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Sheffield Marathon 2014 (2 images)

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Parkwood/Blue Bell Wood Charity Dinner (18 images)

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Mission Christmas 2013 (2 images)

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Jordan H Diving Training In Russia (5 images)

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Whirlow Hall Farm Trip (10 images)

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Sheffield Food Festival (19 images)

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Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning (7 images)

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Celebrating Success (14 images)

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Jordan Houlden Represents GB in Italy Diving (4 images)

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Thinking Sports Day 2013 (5 images)

The University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Social Sciences department welcomed pupils from Parkwood and Firth Park for a unique ‘Thinking Sports Day’. The day, combining the wider elements of the social sciences with the physical and theoretical world of sport, saw dozens of pupils undertake activities such as Bouldering, Capoeira and Ultimate Frisbee. Alongside this, classroom activities focused on areas such as Economics, Law, and Town Planning.

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EACT Games Trailblazers (62 images)

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Summer Fair 2013 (7 images)

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Sheffield host national E-ACT Games (11 images)

At the end of the summer term, Parkwood Academy was privileged to host the closing ceremony of the E-ACT games at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) in Sheffield. Our students joined peers from E-ACT academies and schools across the country including: Heartlands, Trent Valley, North Birmingham, Heywood and Leeds East, for an afternoon of competition, sport and celebration. The annual event, organised by our large, successful sponsor, E-ACT, is aimed at encouraging a team ethos across our diverse community of academies, bringing together students from across the country. The E-ACT Games are also designed to raise participation in sport amongst young people. Students had the opportunity to take advantage of up to 15 different (some rather unusual!) activities including mountain biking, climbing, handball, futsal, ice skating, wheelchair basketball, basketball, boccia, seated volleyball, goal ball, table tennis, taekwondo, blind football, and judo. The event was officially opened by Ryan Rhodes, former light-middleweight boxer, who commented that the games were “a fantastic way of encouraging young people to try something new.” The closing ceremony finished with the traditional lap around the indoor 200m track, followed by an impromptu sprint around the track. A fantastic event by all accounts – we look forward to next year!

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Humanutopia comes to Parkwood (4 images)

In February, our students enjoyed a visit from ‘Humanutopia,’, Year 10 students participated in a day-long workshop learning essential life skills, building confidence and developing their public speaking and leadership abilities.

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Cross Country Champions (3 images)

Earlier this term, two Parkwood Academy students were selected to compete in the South Yorkshire Championships, a highly competitive athletics event. Both Meron Mehreteab and Aaron Thorpe have had successful seasons to date, entering the top 10 at the Sheffield Schools Championships before being selected for the South Yorkshire Championships. Congratulations to Meron who achieved 11th place, a personal best, and further congratulations to Aaron, who, despite being unable to race on the day due to illness, was still chosen as a reserve for the South Yorkshire Team – two fantastic achievements. “The season has gone very well and I felt that I ran the best I have ever done. I finished in 11th position, which for me is a personal best. I am looking forward to the track season in the summer.” Meron Mehreteab We look forward to hearing about both boys’ sporting successes in the near future.

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Students host Christmas Meal for former Parkwood Academy students (3 images)

At the end of the Autumn Term, Parkwood Academy student ambassadors celebrated the seasonal spirit by hosting a meal for 46 senior citizens who had either attending the academy in their youth or were local residents to the academy. The students ambassadors served lunch, while the guest swapped stories with old friends, some of who they had not seen for a while. The academy choir entertain guest with a lively performance of Christmas carols. The students received high praise from the guest who commended that ‘the students were polite, helpful and very smart in their academy uniforms’ and ‘ how impressed they were with the welcome they received from the students’ The atmosphere throughout the evening was wonderful and the guests had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

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Trampolining stars at Next Steps Competition (3 images)

Following weeks of training, eight students represented Parkwood Academy in the Next Steps Trampolining Competition.

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Christmas celebrations at Watercliffe Meadow (3 images)

Two Year 10 students, were invited to Watercliffe Meadow's Christmas Fayre to show their creative skills whilst face painting at the school.

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On Saturday 10th November between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm, Parkwood Academy opened its doors to the local community. Hundreds of people including students, staff past and present, parents and members of the local community dropped in to see the new, “state-of-the-art” building with all its technology, open plan classrooms and superb state of the art facilities. The visitors were amazed by the new building and commented in particular about how light, airy and spacious it was in comparison with the old building. Visitors were hugely impressed by the Academy’s Student Ambassadors, stating that they looked very smart in their uniforms and were extremely polite and helpful when giving their very thorough and informative guided tours. The Community Open day also saw many past students re-united. Two visitors in particular had not seen each other for more than 60 years and finally met up again on the day! Members of the Academy’s Parent Forum made a significant contribution to the day, helping with signing in visitors, supporting guided tours and giving insight from the parental perspective. MP David Blunkett was present as well as local Councillor Jackie Drayton. Both stated in their speeches that Parkwood Academy was “just what the local area needed” and could act as a community hub for local people and businesses. David Blunkett also presented prizes to winners from our last open event. The winners included Mr. and Mrs. Gelsthorpe, Mr. Collins and Mrs. Crossland who won vouchers for Meadowhall and Kerry Williams who won an IPod Touch.

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Summer of sport (6 images)

During the 2012 spectacle of incredible Olympic and Paralympic sporting triumph in Britain, Parkwood Academy inspired Year 6 pupils from our partner primary schools with an Olympic-themed Literacy Summer School. Pupils from our family of primary schools took part in a variety of Olympic-themed activities including Olympic value literacy lessons, making their own Olympic medals, spending the day with the Sheffield Sharks Basketball team at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) and taking part in our very own mini-Olympic Games. Pupils had a wonderful time meeting their future classmates, getting to know Parkwood teachers and touring the brand new building before starting at the Academy in September. We are delighted that the new Year 7s have settled in quickly to life at Parkwood and are already excelling across a range of academic and sports subjects.

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Parkwood Prom (12 images)

At the end of the summer term, we said farewell to our superb former Year 11 students. To commemorate their time at Parkwood Academy and as an opportunity to celebrate their successes during their time with us, we organised a Prom for the year group. Students were unrecognizable in their stunning evening wear, with the girls dazzling in dresses and the boys outsmarting the teachers in their suits. The evening was a wonderful success and a great opportunity for students to celebrate after months of revision and challenging exams. We were delighted to discover that their hard work paid off when their exceptional results were released this summer – congratulations to all our former students. We are incredibly proud of your achievements and look forward to welcoming you back to the Academy in the near future to hear about your ongoing successes.

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Coffee and cake to help the Macmillan Cancer Support Appeal (9 images)

Parkwood Academy participated in the “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, 2012” to raise an impressive amount of money for Macmillan Cancer Support - see latest news for further details.

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