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Y9 Experience

High Challenge, High Support – In Year 9 we believe that it is vital to challenge every student to be the best possible version of themselves at all times and we strive to support them to achieve this every day. At Parkwood E-ACT Academy we understand that every day is a learning day and that each new school day should be met with a new and exciting learning experience, this may be accomplished during their lessons or through learning beyond the classroom.

It is essential that we deliver to our students a plethora of experiences that will help shape and develop them into the young people that they will become in the future. In Year 9 our big focus is on KS4 options in preparation for Year 10 and future career aspirations. With this in mind we offer our students two designated days were we invite members from the local business community, speakers from Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield, international business leaders, training providers and apprenticeship schemes to come into the Academy and deliver a rich multitude of practical events, lessons, speeches and demonstrations designed to engage our students with the world of work and prepare them for “Life after Parkwood!”

Throughout the year our students will also be invited to take part in several events such as the Skills Show in Birmingham, Christmas trips to ICESheffield, an end of term visit to Alton Towers, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, theatre trips to see much loved productions or those that are just starting to hit all the right notes, art galleries to discover their inner passion for the minor detail and walks into the wider community to truly discover all that this beautiful city can offer.

Students are encouraged to use the building as one massive resource, as well as everything and everyone inside it. Our students regularly attend after-school revision sessions provided for them by our fantastic teachers; there are an extensive variety of sporting activities, musical ensembles and creative outlets which take place on a daily basis and further provide our students with an opportunity to express themselves and develop their skills.

It is imperative that our Year 9 students move into KS4 as confident and enthusiastic learners, that they have a thirst for knowledge and really understand the path that they are beginning to carve for themselves.