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Parkwood Academy

Y8 Expectations

We expect all pupils to behave well, work hard and show respect for everyone at all times. We expect all pupils to participate fully in every lesson and activity with which they are involved. We have a simple code of conduct that is displayed throughout the school, with easily understood consequences should it be broken. We expect the support of parents/carers in upholding this code of conduct.

We monitor pupil progress very carefully. Pupils receive feedback on their work and are then expected to act on the feedback provided to improve their work. Assessment data is collected and your child’s progress towards his/her targets will be reported to you three times a year. There is an evening each year for every year group when you will be invited to discuss your child’s progress with their subject teachers. In addition parents are contacted if there is a concern about aspects of their work and progress and we will arrange additional meetings to discuss.

Pupils follow a broad and balanced curriculum which lays firm foundations for later study to examination level. In year 8 pupils are placed in either P or W band. Students will take part in all core and foundation subjects.

The wealth of extra activities that take place beyond lesson times is a huge strength of Parkwood E-ACT Academy. These include a full range of sports, Arts and Music. In addition, pupils are actively involved in enrichment activities within their year groups that broaden their experience and sometimes raise money for charities.

Our ultimate aim is that your child will leave Parkwood E-ACT Academy as a happy, confident, tolerant young adult, equipped with a portfolio of exam success, skills and other achievements that will allow them to fulfil their dreams and ambitions, whatever they may be.