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Y11 Experience

The Year 11 Parkwood experience aims to help students aspire, understand, flourish and succeed. We know that Year 11 is a demanding period for our young adults with tough academic choices and the stress of the exam period.

Our plan is to use the career intervention provided from the Year 10 experience and link it to opportunities in further education and employment in order to raise the aspirations of our young adults. Students should expect to have visits to the Academy from local colleges, sixth forms, training providers and local businesses shining a light in an exciting tunnel. Students should also expect the opportunity to visit local colleges and sixth forms enticing them to choose them as their final destination. It is pivotal that we inspire students at this time so that they want to achieve their best by exam period.

We also plan to help these young adults understand; how to cope with the pressure of the exam period, how to cope with the pressures of home and school life during this final year and finally, how to revise with the use of clever techniques and proven strategies.

The supportive, competitive and caring nature of the Year 11 Pastoral Team will enable our Year 11 students to flourish in their final year at Parkwood Academy, which will allow each and every pupil to succeed in their exams and future prospects.