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Parkwood Academy recognises that many young people require additional support with learning, behaviour, recognised disabilities or special educational needs. This support is driven by our desire to provide a personalised learning experience and includes in-class and withdrawal support as appropriate to the needs of the individual. Examples of support include:

  • A nurture unit (Pride) that provides a rich education to a small number of students who find a large school overwhelming
  • Phoenix caters for a small number of Key Stage 4 students and allows their individual needs to be met through support, guidance and one to one mentoring whilst helping them to achieve the skills and qualifications they need to succeed in the world beyond Parkwood.


Teaching assistants in the Academy support the learning of young people with additional needs. Support workers in the Academy help students overcome barriers to learning and to link with families where necessary. The Academy also works with other agencies to supplement the provision to support student health, safety and attendance.

Parents and Young Person's Guide to the Education Guide.

Parkwood E-ACT Academy SEN Information Report