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Parkwood Academy

Our Vision and Ethos

Our vision is to become a world-class Academy; an Academy that is forward-thinking in its approach; successful in its delivery and ambitious for its future.

We are committed to delivering the following objectives:

  • Excellence for all through a personalised student experience
  • Maximising potential in all students as a centre of leadership and innovation
  • Creating leaders and global citizens of the future
  • Becoming a community hub by meeting the needs of our local community
  • Committed to keeping our students safe, both in school and the wider community.


In addition to these central objectives, Parkwood Academy pledges to:

  • Strive for high educational standards and achievement for all
  • Nurture greater integration and community cohesion
  • Reflect a culturally inclusive ethos
  • Actively seek to establish, develop and build partnerships with organisations and businesses who will contribute to achieving our vision
  • Actively involve and engage with key stakeholders, partners and communities
  • Ensure that key stakeholder groups, including parents, staff and the local authority, are represented on boards of governors
  • Ensure that all staff, community mentors and champions are positive role models for the students
  • Provide a programme of high quality, personalised and ongoing professional development and training for all staff to underpin and sustain improvements in teaching and learning
  • Emphasise the traditional values of self discipline, responsibility, respect, trust and cooperation


Knowledge, Leadership, Growth and Diversity.