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Parkwood E-ACT Academy officially rated a ‘Good’ school and receives praise from Ofsted across all categories


Parkwood E-ACT Academy is celebrating after a highly successful Ofsted inspection. The Academy received an overall ‘Good’ rating, with praise given across all four inspection categories: achievement of pupils, quality of teaching, behaviour and safety of pupils and leadership and management. Elements of these categories, including senior leadership and student progress, were described as ‘outstanding’.

A good school

The inspectors noted the Academy provides all students with a ‘good quality of education’, reflected in consistent improvements in achievement. Importantly, inspectors also noted that there is clear evidence that achievement will continue to rise over the coming years. Senior leadership was described as ‘outstanding’, representing a key driver of the Academy’s latest successes. Praise was also reserved for the Academy sponsor, E-ACT, who were said to be ‘exerting a very effective strategic influence over the academy which is supporting continued improvement’.

Where students achieve well, and make ‘outstanding progress’  

Inspectors were particularly impressed by the ‘fast, effective and sustained progress’ made by students; overall achievement was considered to be good and, in some cases, ‘exceptional’. This means that the Academy now has a value-added score which places it in the top 5% of secondary schools in the country for student progress, itself a remarkable achievement. Students being entered for early GCSEs in English and Maths have also performed extremely well, with a superb 99% of students in 2013 having ‘reached or exceeded their target grade’.

Student behaviour and quality of teaching are good

Alongside rising achievement and rapid and sustained progress, Ofsted also praised the positive, harmonious atmosphere that exists at the Academy, rating student behaviour as ‘good’. The Academy was found to have created a ‘vibrant climate for learning and a positive ethos’ that is based on ‘excellent’ relationships between students and staff.

And the rate of student improvement is ‘faster than that seen nationally’

Finally, and importantly, Ofsted rated the Academy’s senior leadership as ‘outstanding’ and reserved praise for the sponsor, E-ACT, for their pivotal role in the strategic direction of Parkwood; this confirms that the Academy is well-placed to continue its trend of improvement and exceptional outcomes for students, as part of Parkwood’s accelerating journey to achieving ‘outstanding’ status.

Rt Hon David Blunkett, former Education & Employment Secretary and MP for Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough, said: “I am very pleased indeed at the progress that Parkwood Academy has been making. This is a tribute to all the staff, to the hard work of pupils and to the commitment and support of parents.

Moving from ‘satisfactory’ to ‘good’ right across the board is a great step forward and I know will be a driving force and motivator to continuing the upward lift of standards, of achievement and therefore the life chances of young people in the community that I care so much about.”

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